Raw Paaw

100% Organic raw pet food

Raw Paaw strives to help Dogs and Cats live longer lives through a 100% Organic Raw Pet Food. Order Online and get delivered to your door! Raw Paaw, it's a pet lifestyle!

Launch Website
  • ClientTayler Tremblay
  • IndustryPet Food / Meal Plans
  • ServicesArt Direction, Branding, Print Design, Photo Editing, Mockup Design, Business Cards, Postcards, Labels, Stickers, Shirts, Website
  • Websitewww.rawpaaw.com


With just a name picked out, Raw Paaw needed an identity first. Followed by a clean and modern approach design to reflect the product.

Once the branding was complete, it was time for the business to imprint itself on the web. Must haves included a high tech ecommerce website and social content.

the Concept

Simple yet diverse. It's a pet food brand without the distractions, perfect for dogs and their feline counterpart. Clean colors with a simple yet modern logo. Imagine your pet has a personal butcher delivering fresh stakes every month.

the art direction

Fresh and juicy colors palettes to represent meat / veggies. The typography a round san-serif font, similar to an bold headlines; mixed with light body text for clean descriptions. Personalize the brand with the clients furry friends.

the Brand

The pet food your dog loves to eat. A healthier alternative lifestyle then kibble, it promotes that natural diet of the species - Raw food! Raw Paaw is on a mission to help dogs and cats live long, happy and healthy lives.


The design concept started with the personal photo of a bulldog. After a couple rough sketches, I put together a mood-board of a collection of inspiration artwork that represents a clear vision of the artistic style.

At first a super realistic version of a bulldog with its tongue hanging out from the personal photo, it was quickly scrapped for a simplistic outline. I began created different silhouettes from bulldog pictures capturing different angles and positions. Ultimately a full body bulldog with an alert stance hit the mark. From that point, the bulldog evolved into a couple variations of the logo that could be utilized in different formats.


The colors came next. Using my favorite material palette, I choose a nice bright red, and accented the brand with classic white and pure black. Clean, simple, pure - not much else to say about it. For accent colors, 10% shades of colors were applied to match the palette.


For titles and heading I chose Fredoka One. It's a big, round, bold font that is perfect for adding a little fun to any headline or large text. Because what's more fun than playing your furry sidekick!

For the body and descriptions, Rajdhani was a complementary fit.

The squared and condensed appearance may be interpreted as technical or even futuristic, exactly what Raw Paaw diet represents - THE FUTURE! It's corners are slightly rounded, giving stroke-endings a softer feeling, vs a rigid display.


The package container for the raw food was already in production, but we needed to update the label designs to reflect the branding and targeted market (dog or cat). Knowing it's a refrigerated / frozen product a permanent label was needed for the design, I recommended the premium white BOPP labels with full color printing.


With a variety of flavors and ingredients to choose from, the thought process was to create a label design that emphasized it was meant for dogs and clearly showcased the natural ingredients with NO FILLERS. Over a dozen different flavors were created and then further narrowed down to the best sellers.


The raw cat food was secondary only due to the popularity of owners trying the raw diet for their feline friends, yet we created an equal amount of flavors and label designs to R&D. Showcasing one of the first cats trying the raw food diet, it too was focused on representing clean and healthy list of ingredients meant for cats.


The menu postcard was one of the first items to feature the two bulldog portrait. Once it was finalized the branding carried over into the labels and website marketing materials. Things are not always black and white, but the difference between raw mean and corn filled kibble is. These were mass produced to hand out at events and generate leads with a friendly pet smile.


Printing dozens of label designs is costly, so a quality yet inexpensive option was chosen for the business cards. Silk laminated cards are still one of the best cards for first impressions; soft touch, quality thickness, and resistant to wear and tear.


What's branding without a sticker?! A 3" Premium Vinyl Oval Sticker was made out of the logo and every customer gets one with each order. Laminated and weather proof, it's the perfect addition to a laptop or car window.


Uniform in the front, advertisement in the back. Choosing an ultra lightweight premium cotton blend shirt was the ultimate option for Sunny South Florida. Great for dog walks, hanging at the beach, and staying dry in the heat. Customized with silk screen printing, they double as a uniform and promotion item!


At first there was a lot of discussion of the type of ecommerce store Raw Paaw wanted to achieve in the short term and long term. Subscription plans were a heavy favorite, but the conversion rate and information required to solidify monthly plans was too much of a commitment. Eventually we opted for a Shopify website that could achieve this goal at a later stage in the business.


Shopify is the ideal ecommerce store for any serious business. It's able to integrate with Quickbooks and a variety of apps to streamline sales and marketing. Beyond that it needed to be mobile friendly and have a smooth user experience when ordering. No long forms to fill out, no personalized info on your dog's weight and breed; purely just select your flavor, dog size variant and quantity of food.

Since many owners were new to the raw diet, education was key. From serving instructions, to cat & dog tips for transitioning; it's simply outlined how to remove the addictive kibble from your pet's diet.

My favorite thing about this platform is the backend app that helps you manage and run your store. Take payments, create discounts, track analytics, get detailed graphs on sales, or take cash orders on the fly. It's also easy to work with for clients, after the initial launch Tayler was easily able to make any updated she wanted to.

The only thing missing is a blog, which the platform has built it. With a quick lesson in content writing and SEO tagging, we set up this first article together. The rest were completed by the owner!

After two months of hard work, a final pass was made to double check all the features of the website we ready for launch. A social media campaign was created to drive the initial traffic and we opened the doors to the world wide web. Months later the store has taken in roughly $10K in sales and continues to grow each month.

Launch Website