Death Wish Sauces

Hot Sauce Branding

Death Wish Sauces is the creation of two local Florida Boys pushing the boundaries on spicy innovations with the freshest local ingredients. Gaze into the fire and melt your tastebuds with this tantalizing hot sauce brand.

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  • ClientTom House
  • IndustryFood Processing / Hot Sauce
  • ServicesArt Direction, Branding, Print Design, Package Design, Business Cards, Labels, Stickers, Packing Tape, Website


Create a fresh and eye-catching hot suace brand to showcase an locally famous un-named sauce.

It's name was the brainchild of tasting the flaming-hot mamgo sauce and washing it down with cold beers. Along with with ideas of cliché skulls, flames and a**-burning jokes; Death Wish, had the mysterious allure and grabbed our attention.

From the pits of golden-fire, an idea was forged!

the Concept

Symbolism of Life & Death, or simply Black & White. An attention seeking Rooster representing a loudmouthed talking piece. It's flaming colors inspired from the ingredients, Orange from the Habaneros and Peachy/Yellow from the FL Mangos.

the art direction

Vibrant colors needed to highlight the product and standout on the shelf. The typography a bold serif font, similar to an official ceritficate. A clean product design, almost minimalism - that will translate well to an array of products and flavors.

the Brand

The addicting hot sauce, that came screaming across your plate. It's sweet and spicy flavors tantalizes your tongue... it's unwavering flames mezmorize your eyes. Flavor comes with a price, Do you have a Death Wish?


The design concept started with the rooster. I put together a mood-baord of a collection of inspiration artwork that resprented a clear vision of the artistic style.

Using melted skulls to hawaiian volcano art and array of rooster photos; I began to skecth some ideas. It had to be simple, like a tattoo outline - so my main inspiration was just that. Once the sketch was near complete, fire and flames were added.


The colors came next. Using my favorite material pallete, I choose the brightest red, yellow and orange to create a smooth flat gradient, which would contract nicely with a black circle seal. Keeping in mind the different products and flavors that same pallete was used for the creation of the two additional products : Power & Jelly.


For the logo, I choose a Serif font : Adobe Garamond Pro - Bold Style. It adds that official / certificate look. Using all uppercase letter added to the title boldness, extra text, such as CO. was reduced to half the title size.

As for the alternate description, a more lax and artistic font was choosen : House Slant. It easy to read and bold enough to stand against the dark and vibrant colors of the label.

To give it that extra love, each product was given a unique stroke style that respresented it's name. Molten Mango rocks the melted drip look, while Burnin' Bird was given the flame treatment.


Each product had a unique package, so before we began the design; samples were ordered. Once the packaging arrive, I took measurements and outlined the artwork canvas area. The hot sauce bottles were a standard 5oz woozy bottle, so a 3"x3" label design was created for that product. While the jelly jars and tin cans required a 2" circle label design.


The standard bottle for the majority of hot sauces. It required a label that would be apply permanently and withstand getting wet or coated with sauce. The desing was kept simple, the logo front and center and the ingredients left below. An array of flat colors covered the background, creating a design to stand out from the crowd, yet versatile enough to apply to new products. So a durable vinyl with a laminate that resisted heat, and was ordered. A perfect match with the color of the sauce!


A different approach from stadard pepper or powder containers, we decided to go with something more modern and travel friendly. With some research my packaging vendor recommended these steel tins that were rust resistant and FDA approved. As an added bonus it had a screw top to prevent spillage. The design needed to be more compact and constrained to a circle shape. With a slight adjustment we had a new design rather quickly. And to be consistent, the same durable, laminated vinyl labels were ordered.


By the time the 3rd product was being created, we knew eactly the direction and style to reflect the brand. Most jelly jars have an oblong or abnormal glass shope or un-smooth design, so we were limited to designing the tin top. Addapting the color palette to the ingriedients, the addition of purple represented the thai purple basil.


Prototyping labels and packaging was not cheap, so a quality yet inexspensive option was chosen for the business cards. Luckily matte cards are very affordable and have the same look and feel of the matte laminated labels. Two sets of cards were created for each perspective owner and their titles.


Just a little something extra for the customers, a letterhead was designed for hand written thank you notes. It featured the logo at the top, with the rooster and contact info across the bottom. Designed for printing small batches at home or in bulk through a vendor, it also doubled as an email letterhead.


What's branding without a sticker?! A 3" Premium Vinyl Circle Sticker was made out of the logo and every customer get's one with each order. Laminated and weather proof, it's the perfect addition to a laptop or car window.


During the R&D phase of the Molten Mango product, we began working on the website. The first step was to build out a coming soon page. The Instagram page was already active and gaining more traction each day so, the main objective was to showcase the finished logo, grab emails for the newsletter and provide links to the active social media accounts.


Using the design of the business card, I created a full-page splash-page with the flat gradient moving like liquid sauce. Thanks to a little help from Anime.js it was a quick process with a flashy result. For best results on multiple devices and platforms only vector images were use to retain the ultimate sharpness.


There are really only a couple of legit options when it comes to online shopping platforms and the tools they provide to help run a business. Some are more robust and feature loaded, but exspensive is not always right. For this project, we chose Big Cartel purchasing their platinum plan at $9.99 per month.

My favorite thing about this platform is the mobile app that helps you manage and run your store. Take payments, create discounts, track views, get detailed graphs on sales, or even update products on the fly. Basically its super easy to get used to and non-tech people get it too.

It also gives you the ability to customize the shop, link your shop to Facebook and Instagram. Take PayPal payments, connect it to Stripe for Credit Cards or use the app for Cash. The ultimate startup platform for new businesses.

Ultilizing my professional mockup and mixed with some live photos, we setup the products to be front and center with no disctractions. Like the hot-sauce world, we wanted customers to shop with thier eyes first. The shop is live today with all three products, check it out and try a bottle of Death Wish Hot Sauce!

Launch Website